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[project case] BRD 11000sqm PU edge Rock Mineral Wool panel application Litong Hydraulic Industrial Park Project

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As a sunrise product widely used in the construction industry, PU sandwich panel has become the common choice of more and more construction projects under the environment of vigorously promoting the implementation of building energy conservation by the government.

Project Name:Luohe Litong Hydraulic Industrial Park

Product application:BRD PU edge rock mineral wool wall panel


Product specification:75mm PU edge rock mineral wool wall panel

According to the development idea of "optimizing traditional industries, expanding emerging industries and strengthening leading enterprises", and implementing the requirements of "extending the industrial chain, enhancing the value chain and creating the supply chain", Luohe Development Zone focuses on cultivating high-quality industrial system. China (Luohe) hydraulic science and Technology Industrial Park came into being under this kind of drive.


For high-level projects, the selected products will be screened layer by layer. With advanced technology and products, high-quality service concept and operation management scheme, BRD stands out from a large number of external wall professional suppliers bidding, which can fully reflect the trust of customers and the brand reputation of BRD.

BRD introduces the international advanced puma PU sandwich panel production line from Italy, which effectively guarantees the flatness of the wall panel surface, and has obvious advantages in accuracy and stability compared with the peers. At the same time, BRD pu edge rock mineral wool sandwich panel has A-level fire resistance, strong deformation resistance, and is not easy to crack, which can reach the same service life as the building.


Large scale projects have strict requirements on delivery time. Customers visit BRD production line to have a more intuitive experience of product quality and production scale. At the same time, the design department, production department, storage and Logistics Department of BRD cooperated with each other to lay a solid foundation for the successful completion of the project.


BRD serves many municipal and people's livelihood projects, covering medicine, power, education and other aspects. BRD is committed to providing the most valuable system engineering solutions to customers at home and abroad, and to win-win development and create the future together with you.


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