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[project case] BRD cooperates with Changhong Group to assist the construction of Tianhui City Project

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With the change of the times, the coat of architecture is constantly changing. As a new type of architectural fashion, flexible clay panel leads the trend and fashion. The application of BRD flexible clay panel in Changhong Tianhui city project is the representative of the classic case.


Changhong Tianhui City Project
Product application: BRD flexible clay panel
Product size: 240mm * 60MM

2Changhong Tianhui city project is located in the south end of Guangyuan City North life Avenue. The project covers an area of 7.6 hectare and is located in the political, economic and cultural center of Guangyuan. As a strategic high-end project of Changhong Group, it plans to build a style commercial street integrating catering, entertainment and leisure. The selected exterior wall products have been selected layer by layer. With brand strength and product advantages, BRD stands out from many suppliers.

3Advantages of flexible clay panel
1. The appearance of BRD flexible clay panel can completely restore the natural effect of stone surface products, and can also be shaped according to the design requirements. Compared with the traditional ceramic tiles due to disrepair and falling off, flexible clay panel is light and thin, acid and alkali resistant, frost resistant, more safe and environmental protection.
2. The product has a fast production cycle and can replace traditional building materials with high energy consumption and low environmental protection, such as ceramic tile, coating and marble.


3. BRD flexible clay panel is light, thin and soft, which can avoid falling off due to condensation and hollowing due to wet sticking, such as rigid ceramic tiles. It is also an ideal wall decoration material for high-rise buildings and old walls renovation.
4. Factory, large-scale integrated production for the quality escort, solve the customer's concern about the current decoration market construction of shoddy materials.


5. "Three points of materials, seven points of construction" compared with building materials, reasonable construction has more impact on the quality of the building, and BRD flexible clay panel can be used in the field veneer construction, and the construction is not affected by the weather, environmental protection, and the skill level of construction personnel. It greatly reduces the probability of various problems caused by unreasonable construction.
Appreciation of flexible clay panel project cases


Guiyang Gemini building project


Yiwu City facade reconstruction
The large-scale project has strict requirements on the delivery date. Customers visit BRD production line and have the most intuitive experience of product quality and production scale.


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