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[project case] brd external wall thermal insulation integrated board application project of Jiangsu

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As a new sunrise product in the construction industry, exterior wall thermal insulation and decoration integrated panel has become the common choice of more and more high-end real estate brands under the environment that the government vigorously promotes the implementation of building energy conservation.
Xinyue Plaza, Duanjia lane, Jiangsu Province

微信图片_20200712110154Project Name: Xinyue Plaza, Duanjia lane, Jiangsu Province
Product application: BRD fluorocarbon paint exterior wall thermal insulation decoration integrated panel
Product specification: rock wool core layer, fireproof grade A

微信图片_20200712110201Xinyue square in Duanjia lane, with an area of 110000 square meters, is guided by the future urban planning of Xinyi, Jiangsu Province, with the core of the city as its base, and with an unprecedented visual height, it comprehensively integrates commerce, life, shopping, leisure and office, and sets the benchmark of the new city of the times of "sincere, prosperous, international perspective, proud of the whole city", and creates a one-stop urban living square.
New type of integrated thermal insulation panel for exterior wall
The integrated panel of external wall insulation has changed the current form of building thermal insulation and coating field in China. The semi-finished insulation and coating products can be finished directly on the assembly line, the uncontrollable manual construction can be turned into mechanized and automatic production, and the complex manual field construction is changed into simple on-site installation. The project delivery period is shortened by more than 60% and the comprehensive cost is reduced by 20%.

微信图片_20200712110229Choice of brand - BRD precision manufacturing
With advanced technology and products, high-quality service concept and operation management scheme, BRD stands out from a large number of professional suppliers of external wall decoration, which can fully reflect customers' trust in BRD and its brand reputation in the field of exterior wall decoration.
BRD recommends customers to choose solid color fluorocarbon paint insulation and decoration integrated panel. It not only has strong heat preservation, energy conservation, weather resistance, cracking resistance and environmental protection, but also has A-level rock wool fire prevention effect, which can fully guarantee the building safety.

微信图片_20200712110233Worry free choice full service provider
In addition to providing high-quality products, BRD provides a series of value-added services such as design free of charge. In the face of many problems such as tight schedule and heavy tasks, BRD procurement and production departments work together to ensure that the customer's engineering construction is completed with high quality and quantity.

微信图片_20200712110235With the continuous development of energy conservation and environmental protection, BRD exterior wall insulation and decoration integrated panel has become the general trend of real estate application. BRD is committed to the construction of the exterior wall of Damei, and is committed to making all customers feel at ease and at ease. Welcome to visit, cooperate and consult!


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