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[project case] water in water Rock Mineral Wool integrated panel-- Jiangsu Normal University Project

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Education is the foundation of rejuvenating the country through science and education. After the change of the times, the development of Chinese colleges and universities is changing with each passing day, which has higher requirements for the construction of campus image project and safety engineering. As a new type of exterior wall products, the thermal insulation and decoration integrated panel integrates the building facade into the campus style and makes the architectural aesthetics matching with the surrounding. The application of BRD thermal insulation panel in Xuzhou campus of Jiangsu Normal University is the representative of the classic cases.

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Project Name: Xuzhou campus of Jiangsu Normal University
Product specification: BRD water in water rock mineral wool integrated panel


Product color: Golden hemp
As a key university in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Normal University has invested 2.18 billion yuan in the newly-built Xuzhou campus with a building area of 290000 square meters, which is another promotion of the brand and image of the University. The selected suppliers have been screened layer by layer.
With high-quality products and high-quality services, BRD stands out from more than 20 integrated panel suppliers,  and reaches deep cooperation. The construction of external walls includes teaching buildings, dormitories, canteens, business streets, graphic information center, college students' activity center, sports training center, comprehensive experimental building, innovation and Entrepreneurship training building, with perfect quality, we can not live up to expectations.
1. Safety first
The safety of campus environment is very important, which is reflected in the external wall of the building. It is indispensable to be firm, fire-resistant and leakage proof. The exterior wall of BRD integrated panel has light weight, adopts the fixed mode of bonding anchor and double insurance, and carries out construction according to the standard process, which ensures the safety of campus.

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In addition, the insulation material of the integrated panel adopts A-class non combustible high-quality Rock Mineral Wool core material, which meets the national standard gb8624-2012 "classification of combustion performance of building materials and products". At the same time, the high-quality silicone sealant has no leakage, and there is no need to worry about the impact on the construction safety in the rainy season in southern China.
2. Save construction period
There are many traditional wall insulation processes, and the construction process is complicated. BRD integrated panel factory is prefabricated and formed, which simplifies 12 processes of traditional exterior wall coating to 5, and completes the integrated assembly of insulation materials, facing layer, sealing system and fixing system in the factory, which can be directly installed on the wall and effectively reduce the field operation. At the same time, the integrated panel is less affected by the environment, which greatly reduces the impact of construction pollution on the surrounding environment.

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3. Elegant atmosphere
BRD integrated external wall solution not only increases the durability of the building, but also meets various design requirements of educational buildings to achieve the appearance effect of rich expression.

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Jiangsu Normal University selects BRD gold hemp exterior wall thermal insulation integrated panel, retro solemn, restore the simple temperament of stone material, and create elegant academic style.
In recent years, under the background of vigorously promoting the development of prefabricated buildings in China, the development of thermal insulation and decoration integrated panel is becoming more and more vigorous. BRD adheres to high standards and strict requirements to provide the best quality products and the best system service. Welcome to visit, cooperate and consult!


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