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PU sandwich Panel From BRDECO

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According to different usages and applications, PU sandwich panels can be sorted into three kinds: PU roof panel, PU wall panel and PU cold room panel.

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PU roof panel: Applied as high-end self-cleaning roof panel for industrial buildings, of which the inclination of roof is 3%, PU sandwich panel can decrease the gathering dust on the roof and keep the roof clean. And the high peak wave increases the bearing capacity of the roof and has advantages of wide span, fast drainage and easy installation. Fluid mechanics design is applied between connecting parts to make sure the high performance of easy installation, fine air-tightness and waterproof.

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PU wall panel: For its good performance of heat-preservation, insulation and soundproof,PU wall  panel is usually used as exterior wall panel of buildings. And PU does not help combust and is good for firefighting. The upper and lower panels with PU work together to ensure high strength and stiffness.And the lower panel is smooth with designed lines, which increases the evenness of interior wall. PU is a newly emerging building material with advantages of easy installation and short period of construction.

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PU cold room panel can be then divided into three kinds according to different requirement of cold room.

1.Preservation Room(The temperature needs to be kept at 0,the most suitable thickness of panel is 100mm)

The preservation library can keep the original quality and freshness of stored agricultural products to the most extent.After being stored for a period of time in the preservation library, the agricultural products can still fresh as if just plucked.

2.Freezer Room(The temperature needs to be kept at -18, the most suitable thickness of panel is 150mm)

The freezer room is usually used to store food,diary,meat,flower,tea,medicine,industry   ingredients,electronic devices which requirement constant temperature.

3.Frozen Room(The temperature needs to be kept at -38, the most suitable thickness of panel is 200mm)

The frozen room is usually used in the frozen process for food,medicine and mechanics.By means of artificial refrigeration,the temperature can be maintained at a certain low degree.

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PU sandwich panels can be applied in the fields of industrial factory, cold room, garage door, exhibition stadium, gymnastics, airport, villa, hospital and so on. For more detailed information and further cooperation,please do not hesitate to call +86 374 702 8577.


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