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Shijiazhuang Institute of Information Engineering [BRD Project]

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As the latest product technology in the integrated system of exterior wall decoration, BRD produced an excellent weather resistance and good thermal insulation performance of ceramic sheet with customize-able shape and size to meets decoration needs for many types for building exterior surfaces. Our client, Shijiazhuang Information Engineering Institute had applied BRD's 20,000 square meters of ceramic sheet external wall insulation integrated board to their building construction.



Project Name:  Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Information Engineering

Application:  BRD ceramic sheet integrated board

Specifications : 600*900, ceramic sheet 5.5mm, rock wool 120kg, 8 cm thickness

Color:  dark grey, light grey yellow, red brick 

As the time changes, Chinese colleges and universities put high safe construction requirements for campus image project. As a new type of exterior wall product, BRD's ceramic sheet integrated board integrates building facade with campus style and it craftsmanship matched to the surrounding architectural aesthetics. 


Respond Efficiently and Deliver with Confidence.


The project is contracted by China State Construction Technology and Industry Group and undertaken by Hebei Strom Decoration Co., Ltd. The large-scale project has strict requirements on delivery time. Customers visit the production line of BRD, and have the most intuitive experience of product quality and production scale. At the same time, BRD's design department, production department, warehousing and logistics department cooperated and laid a solid foundation for the successful completion of the project.


In addition to providing high-quality products, BRD provides a series of value-added services such as design free of charge. BRD pays attention to every detail. BRD's design department provides in-depth design and a large number of rationalized solutions based on the original drawings, and optimizes design nodes and The design plan eliminates all worries for customers.


Eight advantages of BRD ceramic sheet insulation and decoration integrated board:


1.  Advanced technology, new products

BRD ceramic sheet heat preservation and decoration integrated board adopts international advanced technology and equipment, and is a new product that can replace marble.


2. High temperature firing, superior texture

BRD ceramic sheet thermal insulation and decoration integrated board is fired at a high temperature of 1200 degrees at a time. It has many colors and good texture, which can be comparable to various natural stones.


3. Energy saving, fire prevention, low carbon and environmental protection

BRD ceramic sheet thermal insulation and decoration integrated board can be processed and composited with various thermal insulation boards on the market to meet the needs of different fire protection levels.


4. Durable, anti-air drum, falling off

BRD ceramic sheet thermal insulation and decoration integrated board is modularized, durable, safer and more reliable. The use of four-sided groove patent technology provides an excellent and perfect solution for exterior wall decoration of high-rise buildings.


5. Strong stain resistance, never fade

BRD ceramic sheet thermal insulation and decoration integrated board is high temperature and glazed firing, with strong self-cleaning ability, strong stain resistance, and never fade


6. Lightweight and high strength, reduce load

BRD ceramic thin-plate thermal insulation and decoration integrated board is light-weight and high-strength. The single-sided laminate is about 11 kg per square meter, which is higher than the national standard and can better reduce the lateral load requirements of high-rise buildings.


7. Convenient construction, saving materials

BRD ceramic thin-plate insulation and decoration integrated board is fully factory-processed and produced. The specifications and sizes are modularized, and directly installed on the wall, which is simple and convenient to save construction time.


8. Low carbon environmental protection, simple and beautiful

BRD ceramic sheet thermal insulation and decoration integrated board does not need on-site processing and cutting, which avoids on-site noise and dust pollution. Special alloy fasteners are mechanically connected + mortar paste, the operation is simpler and the effect is more beautiful.



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