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Warmly Welcome Australia Customer Mr Bafile Visit BRD

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On April 13, John c. Bafile, an Australian customer, came to BRD to discuss cooperation. Mr. John's trip aims to select suppliers for local cold storage projects in Australia. BRD's high-end quality and wore-free service win high recognition from customer.

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The first communication with Mr. John c. Bafile was at the exhibition in New Zealand. Through face-to-face communication, Mr. John c. Bafile had a specific understanding of BRD’s series of products. BRD's new energy-saving building materials represented by polyurethane cold storage panel aroused Mr. John c. Bafile's deep concern.

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During this visiting, Mr. John c. Bafile visited our factory on the spot. The production scale and advanced automated production process were highly recognized by customer. The choice of cold storage panel is very important for cold storage. If the cold storage panel is not well ,the temperature and humidity in the cold storage are not controllable, the products stored in the cold storage will easily deteriorate, or the refrigeration compressor in the cold storage will work frequently, which will waste resources and increase the cost.Our sales manager Lee recommended customers to choose BRD’s polyurethane cold storage panel. BRD’s cold storage panel adopts three concave and two convex technology exclusively, increases 300% air tightness strength, 100% solves the problem of cold storage not heat preservation, and obtains the only practical patent in the domestic industry.

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Clinching a deal is never the terminal point, consistent service is BRD invariable tenet. "In addition to quality assurance, BRD allows me to see the assurance of follow-up services, including value-added services. Our Sales Manager Can and Lee acted as local tour guides for me, which enabled me to have a better understanding of Chinese culture and local customs. "Said Mr. John.

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Two days and one night's journey, in addition to project cooperation, it is our friendship across the ocean.

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