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How To Produce High Strength Polyurethane Sandwich Panel?

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Generally, polyurethane sandwich panels (PU sandwich panels )are divided into two types, one is pure polyurethane, and the other is composite of polyurethane and rock wool. The advantages of the two are not the same.

The bending resistance and load-bearing effect of pure polyurethane sandwich panels are quite good, and its shrinkage advantage also makes installation more convenient, while polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool boards are edge-sealed with white and black materials to form polyurethane, so the joint is more firm and not easy to get out of joint, and the waterproof effect is better.

No.1 Production Line

So how to improve the strength of polyurethane sandwich panel? Generally, it will start from four points, formula, temperature, time, and equipment.

In the polyurethane sandwich panel, the content of isocyanate is 66%, the content of polyol is 26%, and the flame retardant is 3%. Others include catalyst, foaming agent, etc. Reasonable formula ratio can not only improve the flame retardancy, It can increase the foam density, thereby improving the overall strength.

The second is to control the temperature: raw material temperature, surface layer temperature, track temperature and drying plate temperature. Stable temperature control can improve the strength of polyurethane sandwich panels. Controlling the raw material temperature ensures the polyurethane reaction. The appropriate temperature ensures the standardization of the reaction. The premise of strength is to control the temperature of the surface layer to ensure the reaction speed of polyurethane foam, to provide external heat support for chemical reactions, to control the temperature of the track to ensure the forming of polyurethane foam, and to have considerable strength when the track shoe is released, and to control the temperature of the drying plate to ensure The post-curing of polyurethane foam is guaranteed, the better the curing, the higher the strength.

In the production process, the compressive strength can also be improved by controlling the top-touch time. Under the premise of ensuring that the polyurethane sandwich panel is filled, minimizing the time difference between wire drawing and top-touch can effectively improve the compressive strength.

Finally, through the corona of the equipment, apply glue to improve the bonding strength. Corona can remove dust and oil. Applying glue can increase the bonding between foam and steel plate and improve the service life.

With the iterative upgrade of the foaming agent and the progress of the preparation process and equipment, too many changes have taken place. But its core is still the perfect combination of man, machine, material, method, environment and measurement. How to adjust the formula precision, temperature control, time control and equipment parameters to the best point is the key to the final physical performance, and it is also a test for relevant technical personnel

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