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Industrial Automatic PVC Fabric Roll Up High Speed Door

High-speed Rolling door is a kind of channel isolation door, used in printing, food, pharmaceutical and other factories, with good dustproof, odorproof, quick opening, heat preservation, protection and other functions.

The popular color as bellow for basic choice, or any other required on RAL Color Card.

It is widely used in various industries such as food, electronics, medical treatment, textile, precision machinery, printing, frozen storage and logistics. It adopts one-piece design and concealed roll opening method, which has the advantages of temperature insulation, sound insulation, moisturizing, dustproof and insect proof. In particular, the opening speed reaches 2.5 m/s and the high-speed operation greatly improves the efficient use of the workplace, saves energy, and is environmentally friendly.



1. Fabric curtain comply with EN12428 EURO STANDSTAND

2. High-tech production equipment

3. High level of wind resistance, comply with EN12424 EURO STANDARD

4. Exceptional durability even it the long-term using in the harsh environment

5.High stability with running 2m/s high speed operation

6. Variable -frequency make sure more reliable on long-term using

7. Self-repairing & Auto-rebound



Ability to Withstand forklift impact and snap right back into their tracks , this is a huge benefit in a Warehouse space 

Intelligent control-User and Forklift can be passed respectively .

Maximize energy savings by minimizing the amount of air exchange .

High-performance , high-speed door solutions , capable of moving at 2.50m/s


Frame  External electrostatic spray treatment of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet
Door structure High-strength poly cool fiber wear-resistant base fabric door curtain
Transparent window in the middle (standard); multiple independent windows (optional)
Horizontal segmented curtain, the middle aluminum alloy profile clip-type connection
Flame retardant grade is Class2
The wind resistance level is 6, and the enhancement can reach level 8 (reservation required)
Production specifications W=600mm-5000mm, H=900mm-5000mm
Airtight performance Double-row encrypted sealed brushes in the guide rails on both sides, PVC base card design
The aluminum alloy profile at the bottom of the door body is combined with the U-shaped rubber bottom seal and the curtain air bag.
Door yoke integrated box seal design
Switch Way Push button switch, delay automatic door closing (standard configuration); radar induction/geomagnetic loop induction/rope switch/remote control switch/access control system (optional);
Power Requirements 220-380V/13A/single phase-three phase/50HZ

1.It lowers the time of transition from one area to another in a surprising way, avoiding any human error which can cause damage to the zipper high-speed door. 

2.Safety condition for passengers and vehicles go through 

3.Comply with EN12605 EURO STANDARD, high stability with long life using. 


Self-repairing & Zipper Model High-speed Door is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The door requires only a small installation space and can effectively prevent dust, moisture and dirt from entering the room. The speed and high sealing of the door improve logistics efficiency, achieve maximum energy saving and provide you with a comfortable working environment.

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Installation Instruction

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Stacking Door's curtain is a robust compound that is resistant to tearing. Steel round bars or fiberglass composite bar reinforce the curtain sections to allow stacking and durability. Our vertically stacking door can withstand high air streams and windy conditions, the adaptable design means it can be altered to many site requirements. 

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Product Features

♦ Combined reinforced European-style frame structure, the strength is more than 3 times that of ordinary stacked doors

♦ Provide dual customized solutions for built-in steel pipe wind-resistant ribs and external aluminum alloy profile wind-resistant ribs

♦ Ultra-wide slide rail system, opening and closing speed increased by 30%, physical wear reduced by 55%

♦ Ingeniously apply the principle of aerodynamics to the design of the sealing structure, the greater the wind pressure, the better the sealing

♦ Lengthened PVC card holder type sealing brush, easy to replace and disassemble

♦ Resistant to strong winds of level 10

♦ Optional multiple multi-row windows to enhance the lighting effect

♦ Adopt a unique man-machine interface intelligent control system

♦ Allowable frequency: 120 times/hour, 2 times/minute.

♦ Hidden infrared safety protection


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