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[Project Case] BRD PU Sandwich Panel Application Huashan Ski Resort Project

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The first large indoor snow field in Western China,Huashan Artes Ski Resort,as a national "sports + tourism" scenic spot project,become another classic project representative of BRD.

微信图片_20200712115545Huashan Artes Ski Resort
Product application: BRD 200mm polyurethane sandwich panel
Product specification: rock wool core material, grade a fireproof

微信图片_20200712115553As one of the top ten indoor ski resorts in China, Huashan art aegis ski resort will effectively fill the gap of Weinan indoor ski resort market, drive the development of Huashan sports tourism, and further improve the tourism service facilities of Huashan Scenic spot. The selected suppliers will also go through layer by layer screening.

微信图片_20200712115556In view of the particularity of the ski resort project, and considering the required strength and aesthetic performance of the plate, BRD recommends that its customers select 200 mm thick polyurethane edge sealing rock wool panel.
BRD introduces the most advanced Italian puma polyurethane sandwich panel production line in the world, which effectively guarantees the flatness of the wall panel surface, and has obvious advantages in accuracy and stability compared with the peers. At the same time, BRD edge sealing rock wool sandwich panel has A-level fire resistance, strong deformation resistance, and is not easy to crack, which can reach the same service life as the building.

微信图片_20200712115559Only providing high-quality products has never been our pursuit. BRD pays attention to every detail and tracks the whole construction process from the early stage to the later stage of the project. BRD Senior Design Engineer communicates technical problems on site and provides one-stop value-added service to relieve customers of all worries.

微信图片_20200712115602Customer satisfaction is the consistent pursuit of BRD. The perfect presentation of every project at home and abroad is the witness of our quality service and the driving force for us to move forward again. BRD has been focusing on new energy-saving building materials products for 25 years. Welcome to visit and discuss cooperation.


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