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[Project Case] BRD PU Cold Room Panel Application in Canadian Greenhouse Factory

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In recent years, with the reform of freezing and refrigeration technology, the tentacles of cold room engineering have penetrated into more fields, and the construction of cold room in various places has developed more and more rapidly, which undoubtedly provides many opportunities for the development of cold room panel enterprises.

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As a professional cold room panel manufacturer, BRD sells cold room panels at home and abroad, and its product technology and quality have been unanimously recognized by customers. The greenhouse planting plant under construction of SIPHON.INC in Canada is one of the classic case representatives.

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Canada SIPHON.INC is a large modern greenhouse fruit and vegetable planting company, which mainly grows tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and lettuce. Because Canada is located in the cold zone of North America, the cold time is long, the climate is very harsh, and temperature is the main factor affecting greenhouse planting, so customers are cautious in selecting materials. Considering the durability of the greenhouse and the carrying capacity of the main structure of the greenhouse, and the energy conservation and environmental protection advocated by local payment, the customer finally chose BRD's cold room panel as the main structure of the greenhouse.

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BRD polyurethane cold room panel uses lightweight polyurethane as the inner material of the cold room panel. It has excellent heat insulation performance. The two sides are composited with color steel plates, which can effectively prevent the temperature transmission caused by the large temperature difference between inside and outside. Can effectively improve the working efficiency of the cold room. The cold room panel has the characteristics of thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, flame retardant, non-toxic, light weight, good price, strong pressure resistance, long service life, safety and health. These characteristics perfectly meet the customer's requirements for greenhouse construction, coupled with the customer's long-standing trust in the technology, quality and service of BRD's products, and finally contributed to this cooperation!


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