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  • Changhong Tianhui City Project Completion Acceptance
    Project: Changhong Tianhui CityProduct Application: BRD Flexible Clay TilesProduct size: 240mm*60mmThe Changhong Tianhui City project covers an area of 114 acres and is located at the south end of Shengli Avenue in the north of Guangyuan City. It is located in the political, economic, and cultural c
  • Welcome Minister of the United Front Work Visiting to visit BRD
    The purpose of this visit is to gain an in-depth understanding of the current development of the company, investigate the development of the "two health" of the private economy, and strengthen the internal construction of the company. As the city's representative enterprise, BRD Dacheng is an import
  • BRD Flexible Clay Tiles Application Photography Shop Project
    As the country's requirements for carbon emissions increase, people's awareness of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection on external wall building materials has strengthened, and new energy-saving building materials Flexible Clay Tiles have come into everyone's field o
  • The future building decorative material-----Flexible Clay Tiles
    In recent years, the hot spots of national concern have focused on health, green, ecology, and environmental protection. As "actively promoting green buildings and building materials" has become the general trend, flexible clay tiles, a decorative material, has quietly sprouted in some engineering f
  • What's the trend of exterior wall material in future?
    In recent years, people have focused on health, green, ecological, environmental protection and other aspects. As "actively promoting green buildings and building materials" has become the general trend, flexible clay tiles as a decorative material has quietly sprouted in some engineering fields, an
  • Trend丨Why has flexible tiles become the trend choice for more and more exterior wall renovation?
    Since entering the 21st century, more and more communities have become obsolete. The old communities need to be improved in terms of beauty and safety. The market capacity is huge, so what should be done to renovate the exterior walls? There is no need to worry about this problem, because flexible c
  • Look!!!BRD Flexible clay tiles product lines are on runing
    On September 25, BRD flexible clay tiles production line was officially put into operation.flexible clay tiles is a new type of building decoration material, light weight, thin texture, crack resistance and frost resistance. It is more and more widely used in decoration construction, and the quality
  • 9.18——Today is a special day for all Chinese
    Today is a special day for all chinese,we will never forget the history for guard the peace.
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